The Benefits of Marijuana

The Benefits of Marijuana

A drug that was once illegal, now has several medical benefits. So far 29 states have legalized it for medicinal purposes. With researchers continuing to look at how this drug effects the human body, more discoveries are being made as to how to use it. There are people in various medical treatments who benefit from this plant, other than smoking it to get high.

The most obvious benefit is treating glaucoma. This disease brings increased pressure to the eyeball, which causes vision loss. When smoking pot, it decreases the pressure and slows the disease down. Smoking cigarettes can cause a loss of lung capacity, but using cannabis increases it. People, who have epileptic seizures, smoke pot to prevent them. Dravet’s Syndrome is a disease consisting of frequent seizures and delayed development. Children are mostly affected by this disease and have 300 to 400 seizures in a week. When given a specific amount of cannabis, those seizures are decreased to one every few days. There is a chemical in marijuana that stops the spread of cancer. Cannabidiol is known for turning Id-1 off. When cancer cells make copies of the Id-1 gene, it sends the replicas to the other parts of the body. Once Cannabidiol stops the spread, the cancer can be treated. Chemotherapy can be painful and cause nausea in cancer patients. However, smoking some weed will relieve the pain, and stop an upset stomach.

If a person is having anxiety issues, then smoking pot can decrease that, along with improving their mood. There are studies that suggest that marijuana can slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s. A chemical called THC, which can be found in cannabis, blocks the enzyme that forms the amyloid plaques. These are the plaques that kill off the brain cells, which cause the disease. If you are in pain from have multiple sclerosis, smoking a low dose of pot can help. THC controls the painful muscle spasms that patients with the disease have to deal with. Hepatitis C is not an easy infection to put up with. In fact, the treatment has so many side effects, that most people can not go through the process of finishing it. Once they get some cannabis in their system, the side effects disappear, and the treatment becomes more effective. Rheumatoid Arthritis patients can put their pain and inflammation behind them with this drug. They can also sleep better. Stroke patients can see their muscles relaxing and falling back into place. Marijuana also protects the brain after a stroke and concussion. Veterans who suffer from PTSD, can have their fear and anxiety eased by smoking specified doses of pot.

If you were wondering how marijuana may affect your weight, there is some very good news. It can not only increase your metabolism, but your body responds to sugar in a healthier way. Because marijuana can have a very calm effect on the immune system, Lupus patients have a way to deal with their pain and nausea. People who smoke pot claim that they no longer have nightmares. It interrupts the REM stage of sleep, which may not be a good idea, if the person is a regular user. Of course, more studies need to be done to provide more accurate data on this. Are you looking to increase your appetite? Smoking weed can certainly help you with that. It will give you the “munchies”. People that do not eat much, including cancer patients can see their overall health improve, when they take in the needed nutrients from having eaten more healthier food, due to an increased appetite. They can heal better and recover faster.

Some sources suggest that marijuana is safer than alcohol. While there are certain risks to smoking the drug, it has less potential to be addictive. There are some people who depend on pot to get them through their day. However, the harm in using it happens to be low. If you are suffering from pain, then this is your easy fix. It is better than taking pills that might upset your stomach or cause an allergic reaction. There are still studies being conducted to see what other useful purposes marijuana might have. If other states decide to make it legal for medical treatment, then there might be less doctor visits. Insurance premiums may go down. Cost associated with seeing a doctor will decrease. The consumer would be very happy with an effective over the counter pain reliever, like marijuana at a cheap price.


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